Dog & Puppy Training

Day Training

Are you seeking to help your dog improve her manners or return to you when called? Maybe your concerned your dog pulls on leash or doesn't respond to basic commands? Our 6-week training programs may be the right solution!


Our 6-Week Dog Day Training Program is held at our newest location - 211 Lincoln Street, Hingham.

Our Day Training Programs include:

  • An understanding of the following commands: Sit, Down, Recall, and Place, as well as Loose Leash Walking.

  • 6 Private Training Sessions (1 per week) with you and your dog’s Trainer where you will do a run-through on the skills that your pup has learned and receive a take-home lesson.

  • Unlimited access to your dog’s Trainer via email to address questions as they arise.

  • A Custom ‘A Fox & Hounds Harborside’ Slip Lead.

There are 2 Options for each 6-week Program:

  • Any 2 days per week (12 visits) = $900

  • Any 3 days per week (18 visits) = $1,350

Each 6-Week Program will run Monday thru Friday between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM. Dogs dropped off before, or staying after, will enjoy free play. You may drop off anytime during normal drop off hours, (6:30 AM – 9 AM), however if you are picking up before 5 PM please let the trainers know as we want to make sure your dog spends a fair amount of time playing, training and resting in their crates.


The crate time is meant to allow your dog time to process their training sessions mentally while the play sessions ensure your dog can burn off some steam after concentrating so hard on training.

Should you have any questions, let us know and we'll be happy to address them! Please call us at (781) 385-7369 or email

Prepared Puppy Day Training

If you are looking for a FULL DAY program to get your puppy off to a great start, we are introducing the Prepared Puppy Program! This 6 week program is specifically tailored to create a cooperative relationship with your puppy. We will begin preparing your puppy for our adult/adolescent day training program.

We will engage the puppies in small group play, confidence building games, introduction to light grooming (nail trims and brushing), introduction to leash walking and training skills. Training skills include building a marker system, name recognition and creating an active, problem-solving puppy.


This 6-Week Program is available Monday thru Friday between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM. Included in this package is access to our Membership Program as well as one, half-hour private lesson each week with your puppy’s trainer to catch up on what your puppy has been practicing. You can choose to send your puppy two or three days each week. Cost is $900 for the 2-day program and $1,350 for the 3-day program.

Should you have any questions, let us know and we'll be happy to address them! Please call us at (781) 385-7369 or email.

Membership Program

Group Training at A Fox & Hounds Harborside is a unique membership-based program. By enrolling in our programs, you will be joining a community of dog lovers focused on creating a better relationship between themselves and their dogs.

Our monthly membership program gives you access to three different programs (15 classes in total) per week with no limit on how many times you may attend. Having a drop-in schedule such as this is intended to accommodate for convenience while encouraging commitment.

Before joining our program, you are required to have a private 1-hour consultation unless you have been with us for classes within the past 6 months. (Consultations are $50.) During Your consultation, you will spend time discussing your goals and becoming introduced to some base level skills used throughout our programs. 

Classes offered:

  • Exposure/Puppy Class

  • Basic Obedience

  • Games Sampler

For clients who are actively enrolled in any of our Day Training Programs, access to the group classes is available during your entire program - at no additional cost.

To register or for more information, please contact us.

Group Classes

Group classes are held indoors in our climate-controlled facility. We offer classes for Puppy Fundamentals, Basic Obedience and a Games Sampler. Each class is taught by two trainers to ensure everyone gets the most out of their class. Group classes meet for one hour once a week. Classes are run in eight-week intervals. 

Puppy Fundamentals:

This unique group class focuses on developing puppy confidence, handler engagement and baseline skills for both puppy and handler. Owners learn how to communicate using leash skills as well as body language and a marker system.

Basic Obedience:

This group class is a BASIC OBEDIENCE COURSE for dogs 6 months and older. This course focuses on building handler engagement and a responsive partnership between dog and handler. Handlers will teach the dogs how to walk and sit politely on a loose leash and to respond to their names among other skills.

Games Sampler:

Sports are an exciting way to build or enhance the relationship with your dog. Each week we will be trying a new sport with our dog. At the end of the 8 week session we will hand out reputable referrals for each sport we have tried if you would like to take your dog to the next level. Try-its will include Rally-O, Trick Training, Nosework and FitPaws canine fitness and agility.

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