Group Classes

Watch your dog learn amongst his or her peers while enjoying the benefits of group training classes.  Having other dogs and owners to learn beside offers your dog the social experience needed as well as providing stimulating distractions.  The allotted social time allows dogs to have fun, while teaching them polite manners.


A Fox & Hounds and Part of the Pack Dog Training offers many types of group classes to benefit dogs of any age, breed, or skill level.  Each class lasts 4-6 weeks and is geared to further your dog’s education while maintaining their current level of skill.  Each class meets for one hour every week with starting date being displayed on the training calendar.


The primary training method focuses on using positive reinforcement to keep learning fun and exciting.  And classes held after daycare hours will have the added benefit of using the outdoor fenced-in yard when adding distractions to the commands.

  • Owners are required to show proof of Rabies and DHPP (Distemper) vaccines to A Fox & Hounds staff prior to attending any of the lessons. 

  • Bordetella vaccines are recommended for participation in all training classes.

  • Puppies under 4 months, are not required to be Rabies vaccinated.

  • No retractable leashes are to be used in any of the training classes.

  • No metal correction collars are to be used in either puppy class.  Your trainer can help you select proper equipment.


Please note that we are unable to accommodate overly reactive or aggressive dogs in our classes at this time.

Class Descriptions


12 weeks – 6 months

6 weeks of instruction

Maximum class size of 8 puppies

This is a fun class that focuses on more than just the basic commands.  We help owners to work with their puppies so that they learn how to sit, lay down, walk on a leash politely, and perform basic tricks.  However, we also recognize and address the importance of introducing young dogs to life-saving skills such as coming when their owners call.  And in order to make time with your new family member more enjoyable, we dedicate a portion of each puppy class to problem behaviors including: chewing furniture, nipping fingers, potty and crate training, barking, etc.


Each class also includes vital supervised play-time for the puppies enrolled to develop proper social skills.

Basic Manners

No age restrictions

6 weeks of instruction

Maximum class size of 8 dogs

This is a fun class held for dogs of any age that need to refresh their basic skills.  Dogs of any age and breed are welcome and will be introduced to basic commands including sit, down, how to walk on a leash politely, and stay.  Also included are advanced skills such as coming when their owners call, ignoring distractions and correcting problem behaviors.

Advanced Course

Dogs over 9 months

6 weeks of instruction

Maximum class size of 8 puppies

This class is for owners interested in furthering their dog’s learning beyond the basic commands.  A training background with Part of the Pack is preferred.  Dogs are expected to know commands such as sit, down, come and stay. 


Students will learn how to reinforce their dog’s understanding of these basic commands and how to keep their dog’s focus in more distracting environments.  Dogs enrolled in this course will also learn how to “heel” next to their owners while out for their daily walks and other advanced behaviors.

AKC Canine Good Citizen

12 weeks – 6 months

6 weeks of instruction

Maximum class size of 5 dogs

The American Kennel Club established the Canine Good Citizen Program as a two-part program to stress responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs. The CGC program tests how well each dog handles common situations and distractions.  A training background with Part of the Pack is preferred, but not required.


This class is geared to exposing dogs to the skills evaluated during the CGC exam and getting them ready to take the test upon graduation.  All dogs who pass the 10-step CGC test may receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club. 

Competition Obedience

Prerequisite: Advanced Course

6 weeks of instruction

Maximum class size of 5 dogs

This is a course dedicated to challenge both the dog and the handler to achieve a higher level of engagement and skill.  A prior training background with Part of the Pack is required for this class. 


Students enrolled will be introduced to all the exercises tested in the AKC’s Novice Obedience Ring.  The material covered includes focused heeling, group stays, advanced recalls, stand for exam, etc.  Each dog and handler team will participate in a practice version of an obedience trial on graduation week.

Difficult Dog

No age restrictions

4 weeks of instruction

Maximum class size of 4 dogs

This is a shorter class geared to get dogs with minor problem behaviors ready for enrollment in a traditional group class.  Common problems covered in this course include excessive leash pulling, barking, jumping, and other disruptive behaviors.  Dogs who exhibit mild aggression toward other dogs will welcomed into this class after being evaluated by the trainer.  Food aggression and resource guarding are other common problems addressed in this course.  Oftentimes, dogs who behave perfectly well at home can become stressed by an unfamiliar environment or by being on a leash.  We understand this and have developed this class to address persistent behaviors causing problems for the owners while still providing a social experience.

Owners may bring any extra equipment (i.e.:  basket muzzle, Pet Convincer, training collars, etc.) that they feel are required to handle their dog in public. Extra supplies will be approved by the trainer. We request that every owner also bring a properly fitted standard flat collar and a plain 6’ fabric leash.  No retractable leashes allowed for this or any class.

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