Private Training Sessions

Private lessons are often easier to manage on a busy schedule because classes will be scheduled on a case-by-case basis.  Private lessons are also better suited for solving specific issues, as the curriculum will be decided by you and the trainer.  These lessons are also useful to get dogs ready to handle being enrolled in a group class with the extra distractions and social setting.

Cancellation Policy
  • If you are unable to maintain your planned lessons, please call or text the trainer at least 8 hours prior to your scheduled session at (781)-217-1404.

  • Sessions cancelled with less than eight hours of notice will be subject to $20 fee.

Session Descriptions

Private Lessons at A Fox & Hounds

No age restrictions

1 hour session - OR - Four 1 hour sessions

Private lessons at the daycare are often best for basic obedience.  These sessions are also helpful for dogs who need to learn better social skills.  The main advantage of having your sessions at the daycare is the availability of other dogs and distractions. 


If a dog enrolled in private sessions needs help adjusting to being around other dogs, then the trainer is often able to choose a daycare dog with the proper temperament to help the dog in training. 


Sessions at the daycare are also good for helping a dog get ready for group classes by letting the dog become accustomed to the location and sounds of other dogs.

Private Lessons Offsite

No age restrictions

1 hour session - OR - Four 1 hour sesions

Often private sessions in your home are the best choice.  This is normally the case if your dog is exhibiting specific behavior issues.  Examples of behavioral issues that are best addressed in the owner’s home include:  greeting strangers in the home, food aggression, and other forms of resource guarding.


Other types of sessions available with this package are park-walks.  Schedule a time to meet the trainer at a public park, hiking trail, or shopping center.  This type of session is best for owners who want to proof their dog in an environment with distractions.  Dogs are required to have an understanding of basic obedience before the trainer will approve adding extra distractions to the training sessions.

Private Electric Collar Lessons

Dogs 6 months or older

Available in a package of four 1 hour sessions

Remote electric collars are very useful training tools that allow the owner to gain control over a greater distance without the risk and hassle of tangled long lines.  E-collars also the handler to correct their dog for problem behaviors within their home. 


During these sessions the trainer will explain the pros and cons of training with an electric collar, as well as helping the owner to pick a brand of collar and condition their dog to wearing the new equipment.  Next the trainer will help the owner to determine their dog’s “working levels” of stimulation to be used for normal training and correcting problem behaviors.


These sessions take place in various locations including the A Fox & Hounds daycare, the owner’s home, and public parks.

The trainer will help each owner to choose the collar best suited to their dog, but the collar purchase price is NOT included in the cost of training.  Proper equipment is essential, please refer to the trainer before purchasing a remote training collar for your dog.

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