What Our Clients (and Their Parents) Say About Us

Rosie & Amy M.

We are so appreciative of the outstanding care that the staff at A Fox & Hounds provided for our dog Rosie during a recent trip out of town. On the morning of her drop off, during our walk, Rosie was attacked and bitten several times by another dog. We took her right to the animal hospital where she required stitches. We immediately considered cancelling our trip for the weekend so we could stay home with her.


I called A Fox & Hounds Petit and the team was so reassuring, letting us know that they would take special care of Rosie. We decided to take our trip (although we were still unsure) but the moment we got to Petit, we felt so much better. The entire staff was so concerned and showed so much love for Rosie. They promised to give her extra attention, knowing exactly how to administer Rosie’s medication for her pain, and told us again and again that she would be showered with love while we were away.


It wasn’t easy, but we left her, knowing she was going to be left in wonderful care. Every time I called to check on Rosie, I felt so grateful that your staff was so invested in making sure she was comfortable, getting her to eat, taking her for short walks, giving her special treats, and keeping us updated on all aspects of her recovery. That put our minds at ease. When we picked Rosie up, she was doing so well and clearly had been in amazing hands all weekend long.


There is no thank you big enough to express how much we appreciate everything you did for Rosie!

Colt & Carolyn H.

If all of us were so brave and had the resources to do what we loved, this world would be a happier place! I love that the team at A Fox & Hounds is doing exactly that! Colt is usually asleep in the back of my car right until I hit that left blinker to pull in. His head pops up, he whines and his tail beats against the tailgate. You guys are doing it right! Here's to many more years of success!

Braxton & Jessica G.

Braxton is my almost-4-year-old doberman pinscher.  I considered a few other daycares in the area, but was met with unwelcoming attitudes once they found out my dog is a "bully" breed.  From the minute I walked into A Fox & Hounds, the vibe was completely different and I instantly felt comfort and relief knowing that my dog would finally be in good hands! 


He is 95 lbs, resembles a reindeer and is a lot to handle at times, but the wonderful staff at A Fox & Hounds never once mentioned his breed or size as being a problem for them.  I cannot imagine bringing my dog anywhere else and I know he wouldn't want to go anywhere else either!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of my (big) baby!

Bebe & Carsten O. and Suzanne O.

We adopted Bebe as a puppy. Like many rescue dogs, she had a rough start to her young life and traveled far from Arkansas - thanks to Last Hope K9 Rescue - to join our family. As Bebe settled into her new life with us, her happy personality and active (very, very active) energy level burst forth!


It was clear that we needed to find a place where Bebe could play with other dogs in a safe environment with folks who would understand her sometimes over-the-top personality. We visited A Fox & Hounds during a Last Hope K9 adoption event before we brought Bebe home and loved the outdoor play space that we saw. From there, we scheduled Bebe's evaulation visits and the rest is history! Bebe is a happy girl who loves her daycare!

We can't say enough positive things about the team at A Fox & Hounds. They've been exceedingly patient with Bebe as she acclimated to daycare. They've helped us with advice on dog behavior, nutrition and care. Their communication with us is prompt - whenever we reach out with a question - and proactive - if any concerns come up about Bebe while she's in their care.


Thank you, A Fox & Hounds, for all you do to take loving care of our girl Bebe!

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